At Wild Metal Fest - Credit: Nicole Curioni
1. ARK: from Greek αρχή, ῆς, ή (arkein) beginning, origin.
2. TECH: from Greek τέχνη (téchnē) art skill, craft.
3. AR•CHI•TECT: [ahr-ki-tekt] noun the deviser maker or creator of anything.
Omar Kempkes Vocals
César Huesca Guitar
Genaro Ochoa Keyboard / Guitar
Armando Támez Bass
Rodrigo Uribe Drums

The Arkitecht is a progressive metal band from Mexico City. Their music blends typically aggressive genres like thrash and death metal with progressive passages, grunge choruses and film like soundscapes. The band started out as a one-man-band type of project created by Genaro Ochoa where he wrote, performed and programmed most of the music, and guest musicians contributed with vocals, solos and some lyrics.

With the release of ‘Hyperstructure’ in 2008, the project quickly escalated to a full sized band, having Genaro hand pick each member among some of the best musicians in the country. The band hit the stage for the first time on June 2010, and played extensively at local venues for the next couple of years. They were invited to perform at Wild Metal Fest (Cancún) sharing the stage with bands like Marduk, Enslaved, D.R.I., Dead Trooper, Tristania, etc. Openers for The Gathering in July 2011 (Mexico City). One of the Top Ten bands nationwide on Road to Wacken Open Air on May, 2011. Voted Best Progressive Metal Band at Kalani Metal Awards, 2014.

“The Arkitecht is one of those bands that proudly wears its influences on its sleeve, yet the way its all interwoven and mixed up manages to imbue the music with a rather unique sound.” -The Metal Observer September 2009.

On May 2012 the band recorded an unplugged album called ‘Acústico’ where they re-imagined some of the music from Hyperstructure into acoustic rock tunes. This album was released in 2015 as a free download, the concert is also available for free on YouTube. The band is currently working on their second studio album.