July 23, 2015

New vocalist announced

We are very happy to announce that we finally found a fitting vocalist for the band. His name is Omar Kempkes, he's got a warm grungy voice that we intend to expoit in the new album. We have already tried some ideas with his voice and is sounding pretty impressive, we couldn't be happier with Omar joining the band.

We had a meeting a few days ago to talk about the new material and the concept and such. Things are coming up slowly but the new music is sounding pretty interesting. It might take a while to finish this album, yet, in the meantime let's all rejoice for having a complete band once again.

Welcome Omar!

May 22, 2015

Watch Acústico Live Concert

We are very happy to share with you the live acoustic concert we made in 2012. This concert was an experiment where we tried to seek a stripped down sound using only acoustic instruments and arrangements that allowed us to see the songs in a different shade. Hope you enjoy it. Don't forget that you can acquire the album through our bandcamp.
May 19, 2015

Acústico — Live album released

A little more than three years ago, we recorded —in video and in audio— an acoustic concert where we present different versions of the songs of Hyperstructure. These versions came devoid of many of the elements that properly conform a metal sound, and rather were re-imagined from the essence of each composition.

Our objective was to make faithful but limited adaptations to the palette of sounds of mostly acoustic instruments. Two guitars, drawer, saucer, bass and, of course the voice, endow these seven songs with a mysterious character, perhaps more extravagant than its original version.

Close friends and enthusiasts supported us to finance the recording. It was an intimate concert, a committee, which, after being kept in the uncertainty and almost hidden in oblivion, finally we can show it to you this week, so enjoy it together.

Next Friday May 22 The Arkitecht Acústico will be available for free for anyone who likes to download it through bandcamp. You can set whatever price you want for the album, even free, so enjoy.

The tracking (audio recording) was made by Raúl Rueda and his team (Cicuta Records). The video was recorded by Abelardo Ojeda and edited by Genaro Ochoa. The mixing and mastering was in charge of Alephsus Valdés (Hikari Studios) and the cover design was also in charge of Genaro Ochoa.

We thank Rebeca Martell and Gustavo Sánchez for helping us with the location (Bizarro Café de la Colonia Roma).

June 30, 2014

Best Progressive Metal Band — Kalani Awards

We are very honored to receive the award for best progressive metal band on this year's Kalani Awards in Mexico City. We wish to thank Mando Kalani and everyone involved in the organization for this acknowledgment.

We know is very hard to promote metal in this country and you guys are really knocking it out of the park making of the award's night a proper celebration. We sincerely hope that this celebration becomes bigger and more relevant every year and hope to remain in your thoughts for consideration. Thank you guys!

We feel very excited about having this gorgeous statue which we will proudly put on our shelf