Produced by Genaro Ochoa.
Recorded in Mexico City.
Mixed and Mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima
Tower Studio. Montpellier, France.
Artwork by Mauricio Javier Gonzalez and
Erik Schumacher.


  1. 1Blackout
  2. 2The 20th Century Feast And The Millennium Hangover
  3. 3Through Broken Glass
  4. 4ElationDownload
  5. 5Children Of The Gods
  6. 6Hyperstructure
  7. 7Face Thief

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Live from Cicuta Records (2012).

About the album.

The very first drafts of Face Thief date back to 2005 when Zeitgeist, Ochoa’s former band, disbanded and he decided he wanted to use the very same concept of Zeitgeist’s never released first album.

Starting with a blank page, Ochoa wrote the music from scratch. The premise was to make an elaborate combination of contemporary film music and metal; the latter with a heavier approach than most prog-metal bands were doing at the time, with influence drawn mostly from thrash, groove and death metal.

Later on, with the birth of new songs that didn’t fit the filmscored metal concept, Ochoa decided to include all the influences he left out of Face Thief: grunge, prog-rock, 70’s rock, electronic music and even hardcore bits and pieces gave life to what is now Hyperstructure.

The album was mixed and mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio in 2008.

The press said.

“…this is a must for you without any doubt! Don’t miss “Hyperstructure” and please keep an eye on this band from Mexico, The Arkitecht has the potential to become a famous name of the Prog Metal scene.”

Metal Storm 8.8/10

“This is easily one of my favorite albums of all time.”

Metal Underground 10/10

“This is definitely a brilliant album from a very talented band that should make a huge splash in the Metal world.”

Metal Observer 9/10

“One of the most rounded affairs you will hear this year.”

Sea of Tranquility 9/10

“Hyperstructure vaults far beyond the merely excellent into something mandatory and permanent in the terra cognita of the metal realm.”

Tartarean Desire 9.5/10

“…in some moments the music feels like an orchestral version of Pantera.” 7/10

“Brillanter Mix aus extremem Prog Metal und progressivem Extrem Metal.”

Power 9/10

“Now this is a virus that should hit Europe!”

Lords of Metal 8/10

Hyperstructure is a masterpiece.”

Muzik Reviews 10/10