The Arkitecht

Gathering a band

After Hyperstrucutre was released late in 2008, buzz around the project started to unveil and lots of people were expecting a band, it wasn’t that clear that this was a one-man operation. People wanted to see these songs Live.

In 2009, Sol Castillo approached Genaro and told him he was interested on lending his skills as guitarist for the yet to become band. He also said he had a colleague named Rodrigo Uribe who played with him in a prog-rock band called Affinity, and he was also interested on playing drums for the band.

Genaro had already started rehearsing some of the music with War Kabinett’s drummer and bass player, but things weren’t working out as smoothly as Genaro expected.

In mid 2009, Sol and Rodrigo moved to Mexico City and Genaro decided to rehearse with them instead. The result was more satisfactory, specially since the chemistry with the new drummer was really strong.

In the meanwhile they started auditions with several bass players. The process was very frustrating for none of the candidates had remotely what was needed to fulfill the duties as bass player.

It wasn’t until Genaro asked Daniel Villarreal from Agora if he knew of a good bass player, that he was introduced to Armando Thamez. After his audition Genaro was pretty sure he was the right fit.

In 2010, with half a band now, Genaro asked César Huesca if he knew of a good guitar player for the band since things with Sol didn’t work out. Cesar said he would be interested on joining the band and that was definitively a no brainier, since Genaro always thought Cesar would be the best choice for lead guitar.

Dante Diaz had always been the natural choice for vocalist but it wasn’t until the rest of the musicians were gathered that the band started rehearsals with him.

By May 2010 the band was ready to play some of the music Live.

Our first show